Nintendo will return to VR technology?

Not everyone knows, but before Oculus VR was created and we heard Oculus Rifcie for the first time, the Japanese company Nintedno has been experimenting with VR technology for years, called Virtual Boy. This was an unlikely experiment, but Nintendo apparently did not completely abandon the idea.

Microsoft is working on HoloLens, which will probably work with the Xbox One, Valve has created HTC Vive with HTC, and Sony has its PlayStation VR. The Japanese giant Nintendo does not want to be inferior to its rivals and is also considering developing a VR kit for entertainment.

Although the company once tried to implement such technology, it was a device called Virtual Boy, but then technology was not developed enough to provide good image quality, so the project turned out to be a failure. Now it is completely different and the current president of Tatsumi Kimishima, during the presentation of financial results said that this is a very interesting technology and Nintendo is considering the creation of its own VR device. For now, these are only preparations and there are not yet specific plans to release such equipment to the market.

Kimishima’s statement is a complete change of Nintendo’s approach to VR technology. In recent years, both Shigeru Miyamoto and the head of the US Reggie Fils-Aime division, have been skeptical about this solution, claiming that they will not give players any fun and do not fit the philosophy of the company.

Apple will offer accessories for the disabled

The Cupertino company has for years been striving to design devices that are as easy to use as possible, which is especially useful for people with disabilities. Now the company will increase the number of such products and has just announced that it will soon be introducing entirely new accessories to its stores.

Apple is known for taking care of the needs of people with disabilities so that their equipment is designed to be as comfortable as possible for them. Tim Cook recently said that the company will continue to do so even if it does not bring its desired profits.

The next step in the implementation of this plan will be the sale of new accessories specifically designed for the disabled, which will be available in the company’s stores, as well as in its online store.

At the moment, it is not known what accessories it will be, but one may guess that hearing aids may be present. One such device is ReSound, which goes beyond the standard functionality of a typical hearing aid, connecting to mobile devices such as the iPhone.

Hulu will soon be offline

The well-known Hulu video service confirms that soon its users will have access to the new option. It will be offline, allowing you to download content to disk and watch it at your own convenience.

Filming websites have it all up to them that you need to have a permanent internet connection to use them. This is not a very convenient solution, especially since not everyone has at their home a fast connection at home, which will allow you to enjoy content comfortably.

A much better option would be the ability to download the selected movie or TV show to disk in a high-speed location, such as an internet café or at work, and then watch it at home. Netflix has been offering this opportunity since last autumn, and will soon introduce it to Hulu.

The CEO of Mike Hopkins officially confirmed this fact when talking to AdWeek. He promised that the feature should be available to users shortly, though he did not say when exactly this would happen.