Traffic light for smartphone users

The authorities of the German city of Augsburg have decided to take care of smartphone users who write text messages while traveling on sidewalks. Especially for them, a new type of traffic light was installed on the pedestrian crossings.

Surely you did not once see the person walking on the pavement, holding the smartphone in his hand, all his attention focused on the text message just written. Someone is not aware of what is going on around him, and this is very dangerous, because he can not only fall into the pole and severely beaten, but also fall into other people, and even under the oncoming cars.

Some countries, such as Belgium and China, set off special paths for smartphone users on the pavements, while in the German city of Augsburg it was decided to ensure the safety of such people while crossing the street.

Smartphone users do not always pay attention to the traffic lights, sometimes going to the red light switch, so the idea of ​​city sprinklers assumes installation on the crossings of additional signaling. As we know, smartphone owners who write messages have their heads pointing downward, so the sets of flashing red lights are built into the roadway, which should be easy for them to notice. They inform you that you can not now enter the zebra.