This is the end of the plasma, Panasonic is finishing their production

Plasma TVs a few years ago were eagerly bought by consumers because of better image quality compared to LCDs. The refinement of LCD technology and the emergence of OLED screens, coupled with the much more energy consumed by plasma screens, has made consumer interest in these screens drastically reduced and companies are ending production of such displays.

Some time ago Pioneer announced the resignation of the production of plasma screens, and now at a similar step also decided Panasonic. The company has announced that it is definitely ending with this technology and with immediate effect. Already in December ends with the production of popular plasma once, and all its operations related to this technology, will end in definite in March next year.

At present, two of the three Panasonica factories no longer produce plasma screens, and within a month their production will also go out in the last one. All the development work on new televisions has also been completed.

Panasonic explained that the decision to stop plasma production was made due to the offensive of much cheaper LCD receivers, with which plasma simply could not compete in price. Now the company will focus on further development of OLED technology.