Tesla doubles the number of high-speed loaders

Tesla owners living in North and South America will no longer have to waste time finding a quick charger. The manufacturer assured that it would soon double the number of Supercharger stations.

Although electric cars have been selling for many years now, their owners still have trouble filling up their vehicles because of the limited number of charging stations. This problem also has Tesla owners, but the manufacturer promised that it will soon be resolved.

Elon Musk has announced that his company will double the number of high-speed loaders, the so-called Supercharger, available in the United States, Canada and Mexico in the near future. A total of 2636 such stations are currently available, and can be used in 373 locations.

The company intends to implement this plan by the end of this year. By using this station, owners of Model X and Model S, after 30 minutes of loading will be able to drive another 270 km.