WhatsApp stops sharing facebook data

A few months ago, WhatsApp, which is currently part of Facebook, has announced that it will provide its users with the portal. Of course, it aroused enormous indignation of the beneficiaries, who found that the company had broken the promised promise. When Facebook took over WhatsApp a few years ago, the company’s management assured everyone that no user data would be shared.

The protests from users have not ended and the case has reached several courts in several countries. At the end of September, the German court found that Facebook could not use WhatsApp user data and ordered it to stop collecting and to delete information that it had already received.

There was a good chance that other countries could follow Germany and issue similar rulings, so the Facebook board decided it would be better if it stopped the controversial idea. The portal has announced that it is holding back user data on the European market. This does not mean, however, that it completely withdraws from it.

Facebook and WhatsApp representatives intend to meet with EU officials to discuss the matter and propose that the feature be optional.