Nike HyperAdapt only for the richest

No one is readying to launch the latest HyperAdapt sports footwear. The film-inspired product will hit the shelves this month and will cost $ 720.

Sports footwear can sometimes be very expensive, especially when dealing with limited editions designed by celebrities such as Kanye West. It seems, however, that Nike wants to outshine all sports footwear designers, the price of their latest HyperAdapt shoes. This product will hit store shelves later this month.

The footwear is inspired by the film “Back to the Future II” and is equipped with the technology of lacing. Boots have sensors, actuators and a built-in battery that automatically grips the laces when they are inserted into them.

Such modern equipment, however, has to cost. Therefore, in order to become the owner of HyperAdapt, you have to have a very thick wallet. Nike has just confirmed that the price of shoes has been set up as much as $ 720. Given that most sports footwear models cost a maximum of $ 200, this is an astronomical amount.