Cortana blocks the microphone on the android

Cortana, a digital assistant created by Microsoft for Windows Phone, has also recently become available for other platforms. Unfortunately, its performance is far from perfect, and for Android smartphones, users may expect problems with the microphone lock.

Microsoft plans to make Cortana available to as many users as possible, so the recent digital assistant is also tested on the Android platform. Keep in mind that this is a very early version, and therefore may have minor or major problems.

One of the issues that Nexus 5 users are seeing is blocking the microphone, which prevents the phone from being used. Restart device does not give anything because the problem comes back after some time.

Originally thought to be unresolved and the only solution was to uninstall Cortana, however, it was discovered how to fix the problem without getting rid of the assistant. All you have to do is to uncheck the “Hey Cortana” function to enable voice activation. I suppose that’s why it’s causing the microphone problem, because it interferes with a similar function provided by Google.